Ecartico search API

The CANAAN projects aim being to mashup data in a single research tool, we could have just taken dumps from both datasets to start building from there. However, to make the data more accessible, for both team members and other researches, we started by building an API on the Ecartico database (please note the api is still in development).

With the API we especially want to accomodate  the matching of persons across datasets. Searching for specific persons is possible by name (full name, surname, first name, patronym), gender, birth- and deathdate, gender and birth- and deathplace. The api returns these fields and the Ecartico URI for each person found. Saving the Ecartico URI should give you permanent access to up-to-date biographical data about a person (for now only available as html, but in a next phase as json and rdf as well).

Ecartico already matched a lot of people in its datasets with biographical data elsewhere (most notably in Biografisch Portaal and RKD Artists). Since these URI’s are sometimes even better at identifying people than their actual names (should you search for ‘maas’ or ‘maes’ or ‘masius’?), the api makes it possible to search for URI’s:

To get all persons linked to their RKD counterparts, search for domain: